UFO Sighting in Banff, British Columbia on September 7th 2016 – Large UFO hovering above trees through mountains near banff

driving on the trans canada highway just before banff on the way to calgary around 11:12pm where there wasnt any street lights, i noticed an unusual light faint light in the distance. at first i thought it was an upcoming street light, as the object came closer it was apparent it wasnt a street light, i then thought it would be a large modern home up the mountain overlooking us. the lights got closer and lower, remaining low enough to just be barely visible through the tops of the trees. i kept my eyes on it hoping for there to be a clearing where i can get a good look. after a few moments there was a brief clearing of street and i could see a UFO clear as day in the night the bottom of the craft was about 8-10 circular lights on the bottom and there was nothing visible on the top. the ship was almost like a bi-level oval craft. my thoughts of what it was cement after this point and the second i was convinced about what i was looking at the ship vanished in 2 seconds into distant space. i was in shock and overwhelmed with what i saw. a little panic and worry, unbelief and unsettling. i will probably be mentally damaged for life after this event. I was closer then i ever imaged i would be to a ufo and it was large and disturbing the whole experience.

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