UFO Landing in Mifflin, Wisconsin on 1963-09-10 02:00:00 – Iwas taken and somthing was put in my head over 50 years ago when i was a kid

It happened when i was 8 years old. i have a scar behind my right ear where they put the implant. i don’t remember much except the bright light and laying on my side while they did something to my head. the next day my dad asked me what happened to the corn behind our house and it was flattened. although at the time i didn’t know what happened i do now. i have lived an ordinary life but at times am able to do some amazing things which i wont even attempt to explain, but includes thought control and being able to hear what people are thinking at times. i know it sounds crazy, but its taken me over 50 years to be able to talk about it to anyone. i have never talked to anyone, but i do still want to remain anonymous. thanks.

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