UFO Sighting in Depoe Bay, Oregon on 2016-09-10 00:00:00 – i heard a voice it said to look outside. i saw a huge orb of light floating in the water! it was there for several minutes possibly 15 minutes.. i went into meditation and was told it was ashtar protecting us!

I was awoken in the night after midnight, i heard a voice that said, look outside, i rolled over, i heard the voice again, it said, look outside, i went to the window, overlooking the sea was a huge orb of light. it was floating on the water coming from the west. i am on the oregon coast of the u.S.A. so it was coming from the west which would be asia. at first i thought japan was on fire by nuclear blast, but it did not go away. it hovered or floated for several minutes possibly 10 minutes, maybe more. i was mesmerized by this orb of light that was “floating” in the water. i knew it was not a boat. it was just nw of buoy one. i could see the lights of buoy one and then to the right was this huge orb of light. as it floated the lights would move but the orb was still there. i finally “pooh poohed” myself saying it must be a ship on fire in the horizon”. so i layed back down & went into meditation .. i asked what that was.. i was immediately told it was “ashtar” and was told that he was “protecting us” , i immediately got back up to go look again but they had left. i am of sound mind, i do not do drugs of any kind, nor do i drink alcohol. this was not a “dream”.

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