UFO Sighting in Michigan City, Michigan on 2016-09-02 00:00:00 – I’ve been experiencing their existence & prenesence surrounding my home for a weekx each day then become more visible. they are note reflecting into my home & showing themselves during the day. anya ssictancr wiuld be greatly appreciated

Throughout the entire surrounding of my house in bay city, michigan, i’ve been surrounded by all directions with the existing appearance of what are very clear to be ufos. what first caught my attention, was my security cameras started acting up. they would exchange motion detection from the front of my home & then sense the back yard motion off almost directly after , if not at the same time. it took me a good two days before realizing it was due to what seemed to be spit lights at the time, scanning the city/neighborhood. that’s when i also noticed the the objects in the sky. at first i thought drones. the second night, the kore later it got, more appeared in the area. all a sudden, it was like spot lights coming from about 5 of them. each light was at a different level of brightness. a friend & i noticed that they would scan the nreighbourhood, rehab stop directly in my windows as if they seen us. we watched until they basically disappeared from thin air. the following night, my security camera caught many orb figures that detected my motion cameras off to record. this happened repeatedly all night long. so basically i’ve been extremely freighted. i’ve been completely invaded. over the duration of about 4-5 days now, they have made their reflection very noticeable on just about any object that can catch their reflection inside my home. i have my video recordings of these object both inside & outside my home. my friend went home two days ago. the day she left & i returned home alone.. i opened my door to literally thousands of microscopic pieces of the ufos. it looked as if dust particals were falling from all around my kitchen window. the only way i was able to notice them is due to the color change if blue, red, green & clear. i then began my way upstairs to my bedroom whereby then discovered them throughout my entire room. i have taken footacge of them each day, as each day they have made themselves much more viable to my eye sight. last night was the second night inward home alone & when i had received the most definable body figure. i have been really scared as the more i research, i’ve seen the attacks they have had on family’s including children. i will send a video from one of my first sightings & a photo from a screen shot i had taken during a live stream video i took. last nights live stream took place on september 9th, 2916 @ about 11:00pm.

please be sure to contact me as soon as possible. i’m very worried about abductuction considering they have already completely invaded my home. they are everywhere & so many of them. you also are going to watch to view all the recordings from my security system & on my cellphone. there’s just way to much findings to type & send.

look forward to hearing back from you.

cassandra rambk

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