UFO Sighting in Columbus, Ohio on 2016-09-11 01:40:00 – Bright light suddenly appeared in sky for duration of less than one second.

At 1:40 am on 9/11/2016 i was sitting in the florida room in the front of our house. i was looking out one of the windows in the general direction of se. the room has sliding glass windows and bug screens. in the direction i was looking, the glass window was slid open. there was no street traffic, and at that time it was pretty quiet out other than the sound of crickets. i live in a quite suburban neighborhood on the far west side of columbus, ohio. as i looked out the window, a bright light suddenly appeared in the sky. it was a white light and was very bright. it was the apparent size of a large planet. it was so bright that it caused discomfort in my right eye. the view from my left eye was obstructed by a window frame and i only viewed the object with my right eye. from my perspective, the object was at about 5 o’clock and about 30 degrees from the horizon. other than the sun, it was the brightest object i have ever seen in the sky. it took me a few seconds to get my composure, then i stepped outside. the sky was completely clear. no clouds at all. unlimited visibility. in the direction from which the object appeared i did not see any evidence of tracers or contrails. the object did not appear to increase in luminosity nor did it seem to have a trajectory. if it was moving, then its vector was directly in my direction. from my perspective and experience, the object appeared to be stationary and outside the earth’s atmosphere.

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