UFO Sighting in Sarasota, Florida on 2016-09-07 05:24:00 – Glowing light makes non-meteor turn

At 5:23 am est i was out on my patio having coffee. i am early riser. looking toward the orion constellation, a glowing light appeared in the nne about equal to orion distance{of “shoulders” to “knees”} above orion “head.
the glowing light, about aspirin-size from my vantage point, move quickly through the constellation and was, in my estimate: faster than a jet, but slower than a meteor, (which is what i thought it was when first appeared).
meteors usually start out bright and streak to a fade. this light was constant, glowing and had slight, oscillating yaw along flight path.. it then moved past the “knees” of orion and made a decreasing radius turn to the se before vanishing! the whole observation was less than 8-10 seconds.
it would be interesting to know if any unknown radar sightings were noted at this time/locale.

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