UFO Sighting in Titusville, Florida on 1969-10-31 00:00:00 – Huge bright neon green oval light shining within cloud in sky over me

When i was in junior high, i was walking home from school, taking a shortcut over a golf course. it was rainy with solid flat grey cloud cover, unusual in central florida. this was in the late 60s, maybe 1969, during the height of the apollo moon launches, in titusville. no one else was in sight.

i don’t know what made me look up, but when i did, i saw a huge bright neon green oval light shining within the cloud, a little behind and to my right. its outline was only slightly fuzzy, as if it was barely covered by the cloud. it was huge–when i hold my arms over my head and spread my hands apart to remember how big it was in the sky over my head, my hands are 2 feet apart or a little less.

there was no sound that i can recall. it didn’t move at all; i was amazed that there wasn’t even a little wavering.

i was absolutely terrified. i remember thinking that if it took me away, no one would ever know what happened to me.

i don’t know how long i stood there, or if i had any missing time, or if i had any unusual marks or physical changes. mostly i just tried hard not to remember it, ever since. but i wish i knew if anyone else had a sighting like this. (if not, maybe i was just being a little crazy?)

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