ORB – Being of light surprises raccoon caught on trail camera

A spirit orb was captured on a trail camera, which was placed by the owner of the cam, on the edge of a bush along a corn field behind his house in Hammond, Canada.

The owner refreshed the SD card last Sunday and left the Cam in the bush for some days. On September 9, 2016 he checked the Cam again and noticed the glowing orb in several images.

The orb is definitely not a camera malfunction or lens flare as it clearly attracts the attention of the raccoon and although this thing is quite bright, it doesn’t seem to light up its surroundings or frightens the raccoon 10 feet away.

What is interesting is that you can see a face inside the glowing orb.

It may indicate that it is a spirit orb that represents the energy patterns of a ghost or entity

“I’ve been hunting for years and have never seen anything like this” said the witness. Mufon case 79087.

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