UFO Sighting in Deltona, Florida on 2016-09-08 19:00:00 – Observed metallic type craft flying.

It was around 7pm and my son and i went out to see if we could see the nasa launch towards the west from cape canaveral which is around 40 miles away. we couldn’t see the launch just some smoke trails left behind and looking north – north east i saw what i initially thought was a plane flying very high up. my son did not see the object but i was watching it and noticed it looked spherical in shape and was moving along a straight path then stopped. it sped up and slowed down and moved quite fast. it would hover and move pretty erratically. i have seen drones in this area before and i myself own a drone so i’m pretty familiar with their flight patterns to know if this was a drone, this looked to be too high up and moved too fast and seemed to be quite large from my perspective. i only observed the object for around a minute before pulling my phone out and recording the short video at which point my daughter was crying from inside. i didn’t check the footage until later that night and realized that whatever i saw was definitely strange and could be something of unknown origin.

the object looked metallic, moved quickly, stopped quickly and had very erratic flight behavior. looked to be the size of a passenger airline high up in the sky, i would estimate around 1k-2k ft. altitude.

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