UFO Sighting in Manchester, New Hampshire on 2010-04-18 00:00:00 – It was silent it was about 2 houses high 4 houses accross dark silver in colour

I was walking home from a friends house and i have to walk down a path leading to a cannal it was about 10pm when i got to the dark part of the journey a bright light shon on me from directly above me i looked up and the light was really bright so i couldnt make out what it was i thought it was a police helicopter at first but when my eyes came back in to focus i realised it was not anything i had seen before then the light pulsated next thing i knew i was inside the ufo i was lying on a table the only way to describe it is a cross between metal/stone i looked down and had a tube coming from my bellybutton up to the celling there was 1 stood next to me and said “are you not scared” i replied “why should i be” it said no obviousley i didnt belive that and punched it in the face then more appeared restrained me (but never tried to hurt me) then gave me a shot(needle) then i was drowzey they had me doing maths and science tests they was looking for something called umantrium or umantainium something like that then they put me back unhurt about half a mile from where they took me i woke up in a car park next mornning

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