Black Triangle Sighting in Tilburg, Noord-Brabant on 2016-07-25 23:09:00 – Two green lights hovering above the ground. then striking above the sky to multiple and right after turning into the light triangle flying away

It’a a personal report from my close family mmember right after the observation.

my brother was smoking near the opened window with his neighbour.
while they were talking to each other he noticed tow small and green light objects that were hovering and flying in the circle pattern above the ground right under the nearest trees.
at the first look he thought that this might be two pretty quiet small drones (because he is in possession of the simillar one in noise emission).
these two objects were flying slowly above the grass for over 20-30 minutes dissappearing behind the trees from time to time. he realized what these objects really are when they ascended up to the sky with terrifynig speed. he was shocked to the point that he couldn’t pull out his phone to take a picture. he managed to take only a few pictures of that object. when these objects shoot up to the sky they stopped at the height between 100 – 300 meters. one of the lights has splitted into two identic light balls and right after that one of the two splitted flew away with amazing speed. right after that two remain has exploded by turning itself into a kind of green mist-cloud thing which started to “regenerate” and turning into bigger green light which released many smaller lights that formed a huge triangle which flew away towards a different direction than a small light ball. whole situation was completly noiseless. from the moment of ascending to disappearring about 10-15 seconds has passed. the picture shows the moment of turning into that “mist”, releasing the lights and forming triangle.

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