UFO Sighting in Hudson, Michigan on 2016-09-04 04:00:00 – Cobra shaped craft almost directly overhead. 4 people sitting around campfire. 2 witnessed craft over house, before craft took off faster than a jet. no noise emmitted.

4 am sitting around campfire. 4 males. 2 of the males facing the house in the backyard of one of the witnesses. they both looked up and seen a craft about twice the height of nearby 70ft trees noticed it looked just like a cobras snake head shape. 2 bright white lights immitted straight down evenly apart under craft. the 2 guys said did you see that. but by the time the other 2 guys turned and look up the craft took off straight north faster than a jet. apparent size was 50-100ft across. distance 200-300ft away. absolutely no sound came from craft. one witness described it looking more like a spacecraft than a jet. description of cobra shape and lights in attached sketch.

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