UFO Sighting in Waltham, Massachusetts on 2016-09-04 22:30:00 – 6 small orange orbs travelling horizontally on identical paths. appeared to be going 70-100 mph. distance between lights were evenly spaced.

At around 10:30 pm on september 4th, 2016, i was having a fire in my friends backyard when i noticed two small orange orbs of light travelling horizontally across the sky. at first, i believed it to be two helicopters, but realized not because the lights were not blinking and made no noise. these orbs appeared to have an altitude of several thousand feet and were travelling at a consistent speed of 70-100 mph, often appearing speed up or slow down. about 60 sec later, a third orange orb followed and was travelling on the exact same path as the first two. three more orange orbs followed in 60 second intervals, respectively. i believe these orbs were intelligently controlled due to the fact that they appeared to be travelling in a single file, and in organized succession. i was no longer able to observe these lights after they flew behind a tree.

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