UFO Sighting in Fremont, California on 2016-09-11 23:00:00 – No ufo witnessed. alien entity was witnessed.

While parked and sitting in the car in a parking lit in fremont, ca with my dog at approximately 11:00 pm on 9/11/2016, i was speaking on the phone to a friend. we were discussing the strange happenings lately in my environment. on this particular evening i was witnessing very peculiar light displays which appeared to emanate from the street and parking lot lamps. i kept hearing noises around my vehicle. i looked out of my driver’s side view murror and noticed strange movements and more sounds. i then began recording into the mirror and captured what appears to be a very small being peeking arpund the corner of my car. initially i didnt notice the being. only upon watxhing the video the next day did i see the entity. i was absolutely floored and shocked at its appearance from behind my car. the being has a large head for its body and seems to be only about a foot tall. the being has large dark eyes and you can briefly see the hand of the entity as it peeks around the corner.

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