UFO Sighting in Milpitas, California on 1987-10-13 01:01:00 – Very large, dull black, could only see the bottom, windows, silent

I am unsure of the year this happened in. it may have been 1987 or 88. i believe it was in the fall.

i had given a coworker a ride home after work, and was on my way back to san jose to my own home. it was 1 am or a little after and there was very little traffic. something out my window caught my eye and when i looked out i could see a very large flat bottomed craft moving very very slowly coming from the east. i’m not good with judging distances, but i guess it was only a few hundred feet up.

it seemed to be flat black, not shiny, and there were a few red lights. some blinked, some were steady. looking ahead, i could see 4 or 5 cars pulled off to the side of the road and i pulled in behind them. i noticed that everyone was a single driver (no passengers) and everyone was in the exact same position; drivers door open, right foot on the door step, left foot on the ground, right hand on the top of the open door, head tilted up to see the craft. i pulled in behind the last car in the line, and one of the last things i remember about the sighting is laughing to myself that i was also in the same position as the others.

my memory about some parts is fuzzy, but i think i recall that there were small bubble windows and that i could see the outlines of 2 humanoid shapes in each bubble, with a red light in the bubble behind them. it was moving very slowly, and had a curved edge. i think it was round. i couldn’t see the entire craft, it was just too big, but it blocked out the sky completely. all stars were gone, even in the horizon. it was silent. i think i watched it for 5 minutes, and it moved so slowly i still never saw the end of it.

the next thing i knew, i was in the driveway of my home, turning off the engine. my husband met me at the door and he was furious with me. i was excited and trying to tell him what i’d just seen but i couldn’t get a word in. this was not like him at all, so i shut up and listened to what he was saying. he was angry that i was home so late. i tried to remind him that i had taken home a coworker, he said something about the time and i looked at the clock. it was close to 430am. i should have been home by 130. i had no idea.

the next day i searched the papers and tv news for stories, knowing that i hadn’t been the only witness, but heard and saw nothing at all. i remember telling my sister all about it, and my high level of excitement, and i remember telling her “i’ll never forget this for as long as i live”. but i did forget, until about 2 years ago. my memories are sketchy and i feel like i’m probably forgetting things.

i’ve had ufo sightings since i was about 5 years old. i also have memories of speaking to 3 beings hovering over my bed, and saw other things too. but this one had other witnesses, so i always hoped i’d hear about it from one of the others on the roadside, but never have.

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