UFO Sighting in Palatka, Florida on 2016-09-13 04:10:00 – Brightly colored gassy object

On the night of the 13th i was watching the meteor shower in the sky with my dad, when a bright purple(similarly colored to the northern lights) object shot up into the sky. it appeared to be very gassy and also seamed to start right at the tree line. we saw about 4-5 of these bursts shoot up in about 45 min, starting at 4:10. me and my dad first thought it was a plasma burst (caused by a solar storm) but was latter ruled out because looking them up they did not seam to be what we saw. we tried to photograph it, and get video of it. but had no success… during this night there was also a meteor shower. and what appeared to be lightning in the sky (there were no bolts but the clouds kept lighting up). it was an amazing sight, but unfortunately i have no idea what it was or what caused it.

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