Alien Encounter in Florida on 2016-09-16 18:53:00 – Communication in pensacola

I’m trying to get information about a possible invasion in the panhandle area. there is constant communication directly towards me and i need to see if anyone within the mufon organization can pickup on their conversations.

i am located in pensacola and want members to hear what is being transmitted everyday towards me. these “people” are monitoring my brain activity, they say dream sequence monitoring, and monitor my body movements. supposedly they are communicating through a security company. it’s like they are communicating through the air. no one around me can hear it…They also have the capability of broadcasting my environment to others around them.

there is always a buzzing noise and they won’t stop communicating to me. i always hear little plunger like noises. this person keeps talking about doing a brain experiment. they complain about not being able to view me.

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