UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2016-07-25 02:45:00 – My 25 jul ufo experience in the moonlight @ 2:45am

about 2:45 am in denver @ n 39°43.239′ w -105°01.853′ on the backdoor above ground near the steps way on ground level i was sitting in my green camping chair facing north into the twin trees, i was shining my green laser pen into the north west sky area next to the twin trees & kinda of meditating & thinking about my starfamily after a walk i went on @ 12:35am to barnum park area, as i was sitting there & looking up into the sky i saw an object appear to the north east of me in my farsight & win i looked @ it was just sitting there above the twin trees, a kinda of an oval shape craft in moon light sliver/gray in color & i said cool!

then it glowed a white light all over its body & a beam of white light in a ½ moon shape in front of its self-facing southbound for a few seconds or was it mins or hours ? ( i have no concept of time ) i never have, i said awesome in my mind, then the glow went out with the object steal sitting there & i said thank you to them or it, then it blink to disappears it didn’t move it just cloaked, it seem like 5 or 6 mins or don’t really know how long it was for me more of hours or days unknown, i really have no concept of time, that has always been a problem for me, anyway they said in my mind to share this experience with earth people, it’s time for the public to know about them .


the craft was about 7 telephone poles high & about 400 ft across,
just a bit lower then what airplanes fly at.


i’ve been remembering things from 25 jul ifo experience
but don’t know how to say it in english, it was a big
heavy download, also been figuring out the details on the
experience but been unable to draw the craft for unknown
reasons but made a small model of it to show what i saw at
night in moonlight, i really don’t want to share it because
it’s not the first but they ask me too so you earth people
can try to understand this stuff is real, but this really
has been happening all my life but it changed in 95, i guess
they knew i needed a break, what’s different now is i reawaken
my spirit to a higher state of awareness & me asking them i
of need them back like it was in my teens, this time in stead
of flying off they sticking around to say hello, i know that
99% of you well never believe this but i’ve learned it’s not
that important to people who don’t open their heart’s &
soul’s to understanding they are a part of our universe & i
know 100% i’m a part of them as they are me.

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