UFO Sighting in Gardner, Massachusetts on 2016-09-13 21:30:00 – The ufo was hovering in the woods. you could see light panels and lights pulsating. the ufo was also spinning while hovering. it then disappeared but left a white trail that disappear within 3 minutes.

The time is around 9:30 and i find myself sitting in my car listening to music while smoking. my car was parked outside my house, in front of my garage door. when all of a sudden, i look to my left out my window and i notice a fairly large ball of light. instinctively i think, airplane or satellite. however the object then appeared to hover up and down ever so slightly. it appeared to be hovering down slightly. the object was low enough that you could distinctly see window panels and lights in between. the object looked disc shaped, and was not in the clouds, but in between the clouds and tree line. the object kept on hovering for about 3/5 minutes before leaving. when it descended, it actually vanished, followed by a hazy white line in the sky that disappeared within 3 minutes. the line in the sky didn’t take as long as ‘chemical trails’ take to disappear. it literally vanished within minutes. following the ufo siting, about less than 5 minutes later a plane that looked very similar to a b-2 spirit x-plane appeared to show up to the scene, and left promptly.
when i saw the object, after i saw it hovering and spinning, i knew this was not a human aircraft. my stomach churned and my heart dropped when i realized what i was seeing.

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