UFO Sighting in Hamilton, Ontario on 2012-06-10 03:10:00 – I was younger and it was late i did not see it but i know it was a ufo

ufo experience
it was the year of 2012 i was 11 or 12 at the time of the incident it had taken place at a foster home in stoney creek hamilton ontario canada. it was late really late id say around 12am-3am i was sharing a room with my brother at the time and we were both sound asleep until i woke up and walked over to my window that had a plastic pull down curtin and beaming through it was a strange white light so bright that i could see my room as if the light was on i wanted to pull up the curtin but i was frozen as if some thing was holding me hostage i was not scared tho it felt so natural to me and i don’t know why i don’t even know why i woke up that night. i am 16 now and i still wonder what the strange whit light was to this day but ever since the incident i have been obsessed with ufos and aliens and discovering the truth

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