UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 2016-07-18 20:47:00 – Waiting for train. walked towards end of station. noticed light. turned around to check on train. three lights.

I was waiting for the train –61 st woodside, 7 train– then i walked towards the end of the platform. unfortunately, no one else was close. i noticed a single light from far away. the light was too “big” to be a star and too high in the sky to be a lamp post, it was just hovering there, motionless. at first i thought it was a helicopter, until i heard the train coming and turned around ready to leave. i took my phone out to take a picture but, the ufo was not a single light anymore but three. i felt confused and astonished. i got on the train and managed to take a picture. *i’m kind of skeptic about ufos and aliens but this event has rendered this topic more interesting. it took me a while to discover this organization but hope to find a reasonable explanation.*

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