UFO Sighting in Oklahoma on 2004-03-01 15:30:00 – A friend observed the object and told me about it. he advised that he was playing basketball outside by himself at the time. was daylight when this occured. he said something made him look upward and he said that he saw the craft hovering above him.

I am making a first report of of a friends story as told he told it to me. he let me know it would be okay for me to relate this story for him.
he advised that he was about 12 years old at the time. he was playing basketball outside of his house, when something made him look up and he saw a dark silver colored ufo, saucer shape about 30 ft above him. he told me that he was terrified and dropped the ball and ran in the house. he told his mother about this, and they both went outside. it was gone. he continued to tell me that both his father and his grandfather have seen ufo’s and have also been abducted. he let me know that his grandfather had kept a journal on his abductions, and that he was working on getting these from his father, as his grandfather has passed. it kinda sounds like maybe a family type situation? i asked him if he wanted to tell someone about it? he said yes, and that he didn’t know really how to find the right person. i attempted to make a report of this before, but i think i did it in the wrong area. would be great if i could help him get to talk to someone maybe with mufon, and get his whole story out. i think this might be a pretty interesting case. anyway, please feel free to contact me, at my cel phone would be best, and i will get the investigator in contact with my friend. thanks so much for your time, and i hope to hear back!
rick m.

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