UFO Sighting in Aguilar, Colorado on 2016-09-17 20:30:00 – Two objects observed in the western sky. directly across from each other for a lengthly period of time. the white object eventually changed direction to a lower elevation. red object also changed direction a little later.

From my living room, around 8:00 p.M., i observed two cylindrical bright objects in the western sky above the mountains for a lengthy period of time. one was a brilliant red and the other was a bright white. they were directly across from each other. i went out on the deck with a pair of binoculars to see if i could see them more clearly. too far away for anything more than bright lights and they were not moving. there was no sound. i continued to watch. i called my neighbors and they watched them from their house. we were talking to each other on the phone. finally the white object that was on the right side slowly moved downward and to the right. there was a slight cloud mass that it eventually slid behind. the red object moved downward and to the right as well. we all lost sight of it at that point. i thought it was gone but it reappeared just below the cloud mass and then disappeared behind the mountains. the red object did not reappear. we had both called the sheriffs office to report the sightings. they thanked us and that was that. we have no idea what they were. no stars around.

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