UFO Sighting in ARDASTAN , Kurdistan Province on 2016-03-25 01:30:00 – So frightening

Hi my name is nj im report this event from iran.That is real event because this event happened 2 time for my self,the first time i saw ufo in in march/25/2010 at 3 or 2 am i saw from my grand mother house yard in ardastan اردستان small province of asfah far from my slef in sky . i saw that ufo get seven beam light and come to me but dont heart me and after 10 or 15 min got lost from my eye.This is first time i saw. and the second time saw again in march/24/2016 happen again at that time again but this time at first i saw 1 ufo and after 15 min 4 ufo behind that ufo and fly behind that ufo i think that ufo is mother ufo.Recently i told my cousin and she came to me and saw that ufo and she want took video but she cant i dont know why they can watch ufo with eye but the camera cant took viedo. the ufos fly 2 hrous and then got lost from our eyes.

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