UFO Sighting in Cornella de Llobregat, on 2016-09-11 21:00:00 – Bright red static light that vanishes, and then 2 grey fast objects pass straight over

My girlfriend and i went out on sunday 9/11 for a nice walk at parque can mercader at evening.
we were talking about things that we had to do the next day, when i saw an orange-red intense light up in the sky, then she looked up and saw it too. i can’t guess the distance because just saw a “large point” of red-orange light. at that moment, we didn’t think that it would be an ufo at all; personally i thought it was a drone or something so. but after 2 or 3 seconds, the light started to hover around, and then apparently faded out slowly and finally vanished completely. after a few seconds there was nothing remaining of that light, but then my gf saw two grey and dark objects, cigar-shaped, that flew fast in parallel position, to the east, just above the place where the red light was seconds before. i could only see one of those two objects, but it was very difficult because the sky was dark and the object had no visible lights.
we were confused because we could not understand what we had seen, started to ask ourselves if it was a plane or a drone… but it performed completely different. there were airplanes at south, near barcelona airport, but this strange light was red, static, absolutely silent, bigger than plane headlights, and looking to the east. it all happened with some other people by there, but it was so short in time that we thought that no one else saw that, and that we had no time to take our smartphones to take a picture. nobody talked about this in the area, but the two of us saw it.

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