UFO Sighting in Temple Hills, Maryland on 2016-09-19 21:45:00 – It was round ball of light that just sat there for about 20 seconds, then dissappeared. now sign or trace

I was sitting outside about 9:45 pm on the steps smoking a cigarette. i often look at the sky and stars at night when i go out to smoke. and i saw a round ball of white light. unlike anything i have ever seen. it was just sitting there. and then just gone. no trace of it. i looked and looked to see if i saw it again or where it may have went and i saw nothing. i think it may have been a ufo. it wasnt a plane, it wasnt a helicopter. i saw no other lights in the sky at all. and i didnt hear anything at all. i was excited knowing that i had seen something. but afraid people would laugh at me or not take me serious.

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