Black Triangle Sighting in Alexandria, Indiana on 2008-10-07 00:00:00 – At my wooded land with 3 friends saw 10 or so craft converge one flew over us slowly

I’ll start by saying my great grandfather left me a 11 acre wooded lot surrounded by corn fields in the middle of the country. well my friends and i grew up in a very small town of 3-4k people, so we didn’t have much to do city wise. we would always be out there having bon fires, and just enjoying life.

one night we were having a bon fire, and just hanging out waiting to start a little party. one of my friends said look at all those planes flying about 5 miles out. they were coming from 3 different directions, and converging at a central location. we all thought this weird and chalked it up to helicopters looking for weed plants, and starting from there and spreading out.

well we started the fire and were getting the chairs from my barn, and just in general getting ready. i noticed that the crafts were seperating now heading on there own straight line paths moving rather slowly without deviation.

one of my buddies said they have to be looking for the weed crop, as it’s popular for people to grow weed while the corn is at it’s tallest. we were always told at night infrared picted up on it’s heat signature at night.

one of the crafts is flying in a path that will take it directly over us, so we all stopped doing what we were doing and ran to my car to sit and watch incase we needed to drive off or something(teenagers give us a break).

as it appraches we could see 4 lights on it altogether. we still think it’s a helicopter at this point. about 1/4 a mile out is when we could see the shape. it was a triangle and moving very slow on a distinct path. like it was traveling on a line with no flutter. as it gets closer i roll my window down and stick my head out for a better look. going no more than 20 miles per hour directly over the top of us was indeed a triangle craft with 3 whiteish lights on each end point, and what appeared to be a light in the center. it felt like eternity while it was going over us. no noise, just a very ominous feeling that we just saw a ufo.

after it had passed my friends did not say a word. i wanted to talk about it get their oppinions, but they were quite. just kept saying that is crazy, and i can’t believe it. to this day they won’t discuss what we saw. they just acknowledge that it happened. i believe the craft was man made, and doing a social experiment with the other 10 craft to gather reports of sitings. what other explanation could there be. i’ll never forget that night.

i recently heard of this website, and knew i had to share.

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