Black Triangle Sighting in Amazonia, Missouri on 2014-02-28 00:00:00 – Black triangle craft flew over our home very slowly at dusk. myself and 2 others witnessed the craft.

At dusk, myself and my roomate had just walked out of our woods after a short small game hunting trip. our other roomate was standing in the driveway facing west just staring at something in the sky. we said “hey whats up?”..He just pointed at this classic black triangle tr-3b style craft without losing his focus on it. so at that moment i pulled my phone out to capture it on film or at least get a picture, but the craft wouldnt show up on my screen in the shot. almost like it was cloaked, but we could still see it with the naked eye. it was moving less than 100mph easily, it seemed as if it would just fall from the sky it was moving so slow. the altitude it was at is unknown because i dont know how large it was, but it seemed to be only a few hundred feet in the air and very big. it was so close i felt like i could reach out and touch it. it was loud like a airliner as it was coming at us, but was silent when it was above us, and had a quiet hum that almost made you want to vomit as it flew away to the east. none of us had any fear, we all swemed pretty calm, if not “amazed”. it had small squared windows on the side, three red lights on the corners of the undercarriage, a big white light in the center of the undercarriage, and a vertically vented rear “thruster” area. there is always ufo activity out there, some at space altitudes, and some closer. but this was the only one weve ever been able to clearly make out what it was. surely other farmers and local saw the craft.

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