UFO Sighting in Dunedin, Florida on 2016-07-31 21:30:00 – Saw orange light above clouds zigzagging then saw bright white light getting larger coming towards me then craft

I was standing outside approximately 9:30 pm on july 31, 2016 and i looked up and directly above me i noticed an orange light zigzagging very fast above the clouds then it was gone. i lthen looked to the north and saw a white light getting larger and coming closer. i observed it getting larger and larger until i could see that it was two lights like headlights on a car. the craft started to head southeast and it was close enough to me that i was able to see it was disc saucer shaped, had horizontal blue and white lights on it’s side and as it glided past me it did not emit any sound or exhaust. there were horizontal oblong lights (a dimmer white) on the back, two rows, about 4 lights in each row and there was one row on the back top of the craft and one row on the bottom. i was able to see that the object was metallic by the moonlight reflecting off it’s steel colored body. i continued to observe it until i had to climb on my steps to actually be able to see it because it was low and the house next to me obstructed my view. i could then see the headlights lighting up the treetops and then it left my field of vision. i should have run inside to get my cell phone to take a video/photo but i was too transixed on the object and i was trying to comprehend what i was seeing.

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