UFO Sighting in Litchfield, New Hampshire on 2016-09-22 16:45:00 – It was a large glowing multicolor sphere. the colors constantly were alternating. it got slightly closer and much brighter, and then became smaller and flew away incredibly fast.

It is between 4:45-4:55 on the day of september 22nd, 2016. i am in litchfield, nh heading towards mel’s funway park from the direction of the airport. i just passed corning rd., and something caught my eye. i glanced slightly upwards, and didn’t noice anything out of place. i hadn’t been completely focused on whatever i thought caught my eye and just assumed there was nothing there. the moment that i did so, was when the lights began. now i definitely knew there was something strange going on. i looked up and saw a large almost blindingly bright irregular orb. it mainly consist of the color white but you could see all of the others colors flashing through it quickly as well. it hovered like this for a minute and then suddenly zoomed off in the other direction of me. it went from large and glowing, to minuscule, and then out of my sight in less than 10 seconds. i was almost in a trance while i was looking at it. i felt immense relief and and gratitude during and after this. my first thought brought tears to my eyes, and simply was “they didn’t leave me.” i got a strange feeling of an intense emotional connection with something, it didn’t feel like a new experience even though i cannot recall ever seeing anything like this in the past.

whatever it was, i will view it as i feel it. i’m thankful to know we are not alone, and that when its time for me to return, they will be there and ready for me. i just have to be ready first. i don’t know why i know this but i can feel it straight to my core.

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