Black Triangle Sighting in De Soto, Illinois on 1982-10-15 00:00:00 – 1982 triangular shaped craft hovering above town

In the late evening of oct 1982 i and my girl friend were traveling north on illinois 51, returning from a movie date in carbondale, il heading home to nashville, il when nearing the town of de soto, il we both noticed what looked like car head lights hovering above the center of town, curious we stopped short of entering the town to observe what we were seeing, after a short time the object started to move heading south in our direction.
being young and curious i opted to stay put and watch what we were seeing with my head out the window of the car as it passed within a stones throw distance overhead.
my at the time girl friend was scared hitting me and telling me to take off and get out of there, me being suborn i stayed put instead to try and figure out what it was, puzzled i was not sure what i was seeing as it passed overhead, with the help of town lights i was able to see the bottom and part of the side of the object, it was a dull black triangular shaped craft about 30ft from each point width and length and had no propellers, landing gear, windows or any other feature of known air craft, the object was traveling south at less than 10 mph while over the town.
as the object continued to travel south passing us parallel to route 51 just off the south bound lane, i continued watching and noticed the craft had what looked like a red tail light about a 1/4 the width across the back, it kept traveling south picking up speed as it reached the out skirts of town until it accelerated to unknown speed where i then lost site of it.

both myself and at the time girlfriend were completely confused of what we seen, it was not a plane, helicopter, or any known craft of that era, we joked that we just seen a ufo and told friends what we seen later that night, which of course they didn’t believe. but one friend noticed a day or so later that a similar object was reported in the local papers stating that it had been seen in illinois and mississippi on that same night.

i am older now and held onto the story of what we had seen for 34 years, i do not want any public attention from this report, i feel getting it out there might help tie my encounter to another from that location and time frame.

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