UFO Sighting in Saint Petersburg, Florida on 2016-09-23 01:30:00 – Was looking up at moon to the right of the moon a bright white light appeared from nowhere flew in a line towards the east of it then disappeared again in 1 to 2 seconds it appeared then disappeared

I went out on the back steps to smoke it was around 1:30am i was looking up at the moon and from nowhere a bright white light circle appeared from nowhere flew in a straight line towards the east of it and the moon, then disappeared again it all happened in the matter of seconds i was amazed and felt cheated that i didnt get to see more! after it happened i ran back in the house to tell my husband, then went back outside to look for it again but i never saw anything else close to that. i fell asleep outside and around 6am my husband woke me up and then went back to sleep!

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