UFO Sighting in Fredericton, New Brunswick on 2016-09-24 21:15:00 – Nw star like object on horizon no apparent movement and then drift lower

I believe it was a twinkling star but without magnification it was easily red and blue colours. i took by binoculars and it stood out. i had a star to its left i could measure against and horizon to watch for movement and it was moving but only by 1/2 degree per 15 minutes. found to my west slightly north about 5 degrees above my horizon. at 9:10 i notice what i thought was a plane from a distance flashing but it disappeared. also just at the horizon another colour star appeared but it drifted behind the tree line, in what seemed a great distance. check again at 9:50 pm and has moved slightly above the star. no planets to be found here tonight. perfectly cool clear evening. at around 10::05 it gradually moved from stationary to just below the horizon and now unable to see. i was thinking it was most likely bright star of draco but eliminated once its movement was out of context with surrounding stars. the flashing plane light which appeared and faded was intriquing and when i notice another similar light on the horizon which only was visible for a few minutes. i also thought it might of been a plane moving away from my location but its color stayed constant and when it picked up speed and dropped below horizon i found that out of context with normal plane activity.

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