UFO Sighting in Providence, Rhode Island on 2016-09-22 02:20:00 – While on rooftop terrace observed bright green fireball like orb defend down into what looked like the mouth of narragansett’s bay,

My job is in a high rise building, i was on the exterior terrace on the 32nd floor. there were no noises or any unusual events at the time. a purely routine early morning.
while preforming my job duties, building rounds i was observing the city and bay view and a green ball suddenly appeared in view and shot straight down into what i assumed was the bay i noticed it right away because of the color and glow being so out of place in the night sky. it first appeared below the skyline and i originally thought someone was firing off a roman candle fireworks, the color and light being that bright. i also found it strange that i saw nothing shoot up or come down. it suddenly appeared and decended straight down into where the bay and river converge. it was a bright green glowing orb with a tail looking like a green meteor, have never observed anything similar and was struck by my immediate inability to recognize or explain it. it happened in a matter of seconds with no time to take my phone out and capture a photo.

i googled and searched the internet afterwards and have so far seen no other comments.
i find it strange that i could be the only person that observed this!So

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