UFO Sighting in Franklin Springs, Georgia on 2016-09-13 23:30:00 – Silent vague lights flew overhead

Sitting in a grassy field with a friend. looking at stars. we noticed a very bright star at the horizon which we had not noticed in the passed hour. we asked ourselves “had that been there the whole time?” we then started to realize it wasn’t a star because it was rising from the horizon line fairly quickly for a star. we thought maybe it’s a plane but as it slowly came overhead we noticed the brightest light had 4 dimmer lights around it. like a square and a bright light in the middle. it seemed the lights were too close for a craft to be so silent, a plane is often audible from a much further distance. but the body of the craft was almost impossible to see, may have been a vague outline. it kept on moving overhead until it it met the opposite horizon. my friend hoped it was a plane but we both felt that didn’t make sense. it scared her. i felt certain it was not a plane but couldn’t identify what else it may be. we first spotted it at about 11:30 and it had reach the opposite horizon at about 12:10. we were both confused and curious at this sighting. i kept saying “that is no plane i have ever seen before. it’s too quiet for how low it is. if a plane was low enough to see its lights so evidently you’d hear it, easily.”

i pointed out a plane maybe 20 after loosing sight of the lights. that plane was flying much higher and the plane lights were vastly different, plus i could hear the plane. the comparison made it clear to me that we had not seen a plane earlier. it must have been something else. i just don’t know what.
we tried to capture a photo or video but our phones couldn’t manage to clearly get the lights.
i drew a digital sketch to demonstrate the shape of the lights and size.

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