UFO Sighting in Manitou, Kentucky on 2016-09-25 19:03:00 – Light in south westward sky, pulsated as it changed colors descending to below tree level.

For past 3 nights we have been seeing a light in south westward sky. not always in exact same place but always in general direction. starts out as a bright white light and looks almost like the north star, but is much bigger than the other stars. as you watch it… it changes colors, from white to yellow, then to a yellowish orange… and a reddish orange and pulsate as it changes.
i timed it tonight and it took 27 mins for it to descend from fairly high in the sky to below the treetops and vanishing out of sight.
moves with a sweeping type motion and stops and hovers for awhile, then continues with it’s sweeping motion as it descends.
there is no noise. moves with purpose, going down then back up or across, then back down.

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