UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2016-09-24 07:00:00 – Light hovering than slowly moved left than faded

We were staying in a hotel and just got in from an early dinner. we were staying on the 24th floor. i looked out the window and saw a glowing light. at first i said hey look at the ufo in a joking manner. than after looking at it for a min and than noticing other planes in the air and it didn’t look the same.

the object was either glowing or reflecting from the sun that was behind us. the object hovered in the same area for a little and thats when i called my girl to see. it than very slowly moved to the left. way to slow for anything that i know.

for how far it was the object had to be large. it stopped moving left and than it faded very slowly until there was nothing to be seen.

i also have another experience that happened to me and my girlfriend and it made contact with us and came and touched me.

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