UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 1998-10-15 00:00:00 – security on patrol circular luminescent three bars merging at centre stationary seemingly turned over

As a security officer on patrol 2300 to 0700 in ne calgary. between 0300 0400 i glanced up.
i saw a very large circle and within it’s borders it was white like light being reflected off a pure white (sheet). their were three bars spreading out from it’s centre. no sound was apparent, it could be that it was too far away

now because i have seen other strange sights previously,i started carrying binoculars. didn’t have a camera.
i was very excited though at the prospect of it being not from of this world and or ( an other dimension ).

i watched as it appeared to turn up side down, just before it disappeared completely i saw what reminded me of a lobsters mottled shell, it looked red and black, although i can’t be sure as it was dark and quite a distance away. then it was gone,completely without transition
no trails or any other anomalies.

i have done research to see if any other reports and nothing, i have tried to contact several persons but none have gotten back.

also several weeks later myself and another person that reported to the local sun newspaper. it stated that while driving north on deerfoot trail the female driver saw a glowing red object came down through the clouds and that it zoomed of to the west. some so called scientists from the university of calgary said it was a meteor. bah i say!!!

i myself saw something a little different, the cloud cover was very high, for all purposes non existent to what i saw.

at first i thought ok it’s a chopper with its search light on. the thing is that it did not move from straight ahead, watching this for about six / eight minutes and as it came closer i noted it was round and it was changing colours, from pastel greens, blues and reds flowing all through it like it was fluid. it was not large, about the size of a basket ball approximately a mile away. it came to a dead stop, like it was hesitating then came around in a tight circle zipped off to the west at an impossible speed.

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