UFO Sighting in Sikeston, Mo., Missouri on 2016-01-23 23:02:00 – I saw and recorder this light at 11:00 p.M. and relized a time loss at 3:00a.M.

I left my parents headed home 20 min away. i saw a light with a weird flight pattern. it was fast and amazing with its up and down pattern. i pulled out my phone and started recording. although that phone quit working and i used a different phone from that day. i have found a picture in my account files and not a video. it was not download able/. i am confirmed. i have many indications and know something is out there. i do believe they have been to my home since then. sounds crazy but i have a dreamlike suspicion of them yelling my name and entering my bedroom. i had a circle on my hand afterwards. this is all starting to come back to me and wish i would’ve noticed this and reported earlier, had i found this sight.

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