UFO Sighting in Stanwood, Washington on 2016-09-25 16:48:00 – Was photographing moon dog. reviewed photos later and notice something unique. there are three separate photos.

Early yesterday evening, i was playing in my backyard with my children. i notice a very wide moondawg surrounding the sun. i thought it would be nice to grab a few photographs. i didn’t see anything with the naked eye. but upon review of the photos, there are some unique objects noticed. the three photos submitted were taken within milliseconds of each other. please zoom in to the area above the tree on the far left. i will also submit two zoomed-in screenshots. these were all taken with a cell phone. once i realized there were some strange features in each photo, i felt a little confused. i’ve shown three of my photographer friends to ask if they’ve ever gotten a reflection from the sun that was in this manner. so far, two have replied no. they both stated it was rather strange. the third has not yet replied.

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