UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2016-09-26 20:15:00 – Two red blinking lights flying in circles overhead

I was outside getting something from my car around 8:00pm pst. i looked up in the sky and noticed airplanes and noticed two red lights that were flying in circles overhead. one of the lights became more prominent and the other seemed to become more dim or fade out into the distance.
i thought the objects could be a plane or drone as lax is about 20 miles away. however the objects were flying in circles/hovering, they seemed like they were at too high of an altitude to be a plane or drone. if it was a plane, it would be flying in a linear path towards/away lax. i observed the objects for about 15 minutes flying back and forth. i went inside to grab something and came back out and they had disappeared out of sight. the last direction i saw the object flying was east.

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