UFO Sighting in O’Fallon, Missouri on 2016-09-27 19:58:00 – Light traveling higher than planes etc. with light flashes behind it twice.

Originally, i thought it was a satelite or the space station. i love to watch the sky as an amature astronomer. my father is a pilot so i know what aircrafts look like too. this was normal looking for a satelite or the space station. i checked the location of the space station and it was visible elsewhere and at a different time and not at the direction i was veiwing. i decided it was a satelite until i felt strange, so i said “hello” quietly to myself. i felt a strange sensation and was almost like hypnotized. as i was watching, 2 bright flashes appeared behind it, their duration was literally 1 second each. it felt like the ufo was friendly whatever it was. i have no idea what the flashes were as they were not attached to the ufo nor were they emitted from the ufo. i was frozen watching until my dog ran into my legs and knocked me off my feet. i ran inside to see online what was in the area. all the other objectx in the sky were either at a different part of the sky or at a different time. as i am writing this, i am watching for the space station which is sw,ssw tonight in about a few minutes. it is obvious that what i saw was not the space station, what i saw was traveling n. it felt like somthing was trying to communicate. im completely confused at what i saw. i seem to see these things frequently when star gazing. often times i know what it is (airplane, satelite, space station, etc.), other times i have no explanation. this is not my first sighting but this is my first in ofallon, mo. the flashes behind it concern me and the weird feeling, that hasn’t happened before to me. it almost looked like they were being shot at from space?!? the flashes did not look at all like meteors etc.

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