UFO Sighting in Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania on 2016-09-27 19:10:00 – Extremely bright stationary light observed north of us rt 30 in st. thomas, pa near dusk.

Observed an extremely bright light north of us rt 30 while driving east on the road. was far too bright to be a star/planet. the light appeared stationary, was white in color, and did not flicker at all. there were no additional lights and no tail. because i was driving i could not maintain constant observation. after several seconds observing it at the constant luminosity, i glanced back from the road and it had dimmed, but continued not to flicker and stayed at the dimmer luminosity for several seconds. several seconds later i glanced back from the road and it had disappeared. do not now if it “left”, landed, or just vanished.

based on the sighting i can rule out a plane, helicopter, star/planet, or man-made satellite. because of the light appeared stationary, did not flicker at all, and had no tail a meteor seems very unlikely.

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