UFO Sighting in Great Falls, Montana on 2016-09-27 19:10:00 – One light appeared 40 degrees above horizon 10 mins prior to sunset then disappeared, three additional lights just after sunset in inverted triangle formation. two lights set below horizon, one light disappearing in clouds,

I got off work at 7 pm and observed a light in sky flickering brightly, suspected it was a balloon, watched it for about five minutes. while watching i received a phone call and i asked the caller if he saw it from his location which he did not. the light flickered brightly and then turned into a grey dot which lasted about five seconds before disappearing. met up with my caller at about 7:20 just after sunset and while describing to him what i saw, i observed another light due west close to the horizon, then another above and to the right, then yet another above and to the left forming an equilateral triangle. we both watched lights for about 30 minutes. the lowest one disappeared below the horizon followed by the second one 5 minutes later, the last remaining light disappeared in the sky shortly before the sky turned dark. my friend said they were planets but i know only two planets are observable towards the sun, venus and mercury. i saw two separate strange occurrences that evening which resembled objects reflecting the evening sunset brightly. i returned to the same places at the same times the following evening and did not observe any similar phenomena. these lights or objects seemed stationary for the most part and it was impossible to judge distance or size although the first singular object seemed closer. i have been a keen observer of the skies since childhood due to frequent sightings around my home town of great falls montana.

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