Black Triangle Sighting in Kelowna, British Columbia on 2016-09-28 22:15:00 – I pulled over on the highway and there was a giant black triangle with lights on all three corners directly above me, it hovered and then crossed the highway and disappeared over a lake.

I was driving to kelowna from vernon b.C. and i saw an object floating in the air above the treetops, at first i thought it was an airplane but as i drove for about 2 mins towards it i realized that it wasn’t moving. there was a red, green and white light on it, pulsating. once i got close to it i realized it was huge and decided to pull over, it was approximately 10:15pm pst. i got out of my car with my blinkers on and walked towards my trunk and looked up and it was directly above me. a huge solid black triangle with lights on all three corners hovering above me. there was absolutely no sound whatsoever. once i stared at it for about 5 seconds it started to slowly move across the highway away from my car and over the treetops of the other side. i had time to pull out my phone while it was crossing the highway to try and take a picture of it, when i was hitting the photo button i swear i was getting a good shot of it but when i checked my phone after it had disappeared the image is completely white and has weird motion blurs in it. i %100 believe what i saw was not man made, i’ve never been so shocked in my life. it made no noise and was hovering before it moved. i’ll attach the photo i took and also add one that has a filter on it, you can see a triangle in the image. i still can’t believe what happened, how do you explain something that’s so life changing.

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