Black Triangle Sighting in North Bay, Ontario on 2016-09-25 14:00:00 – Black triangle shaped. fast movements.

I was on my deck outside when i noticed an object moving very fast and making abrupt turns in different directions. i kept my eye on it for quite some time. it would turn fast then zoom up into the air very fast. i seen a passenger plane shortly after and the plane was in flight (not just taking off) the speed difference between the ufo and the plane was much different. the plane seemed very slow in comparison. i took a video of the ufo not knowing if i would catch it or not but i did catch something. i just dont know what it is. i feel silly doing this report but im very interested to see if you guys can make out the image better than i can. im interested to know what i saw that day. ive never seen anything like it. hope you can help.

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