UFO News Article: “UFO Sighting Reported at Durham; Track Beep Sound”

18 April 1966
(The Lewiston Daily Sun, Lewiston-Auburn, Maine)
The whole article:
“A Durham man reported the sighting of an unidentified flying object Sunday night (17 April 1966), and two Androscoggin County deputy sheriffs said later that in investigating the report they heard strange unidentifiable ‘beeping’ sounds which moved as they approached.

John Winn of the Shiloh Road, Durham, told Deputies Bertrand Boucher of Lewiston and D. Edward Soucie of Durham that he spotted the object at tree top level and that it displayed flashing blue and green lights.
The sighting was made at about 8 p.m. and Winn told the officrs the low flying object was traveling on a southerly course.
According to Deputy Boucher, the beeping sound came from a wooded area at the rear of Winn’s residence, but as the two deputies and Winn approached, the sound stopped and started again, but from a different direction.
Winn told the officers he made the sighting after hearing the ‘beep’ while inside his house. He went out to investigate the noise and that was when he spotted the UFO with the green and blue lights.”
Wikipedia article: “Durham, Maine”:

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NOTE: The newspaper date is 18 April 1966.

Satellite photo of Lewiston, Maine (tageo.com)
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