UFO Sighting in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on 2016-09-29 20:33:00 – Taking dog out for nightly bathroom break

After dinner i take my dog outside to go do her business every night around the same time. every night i’m always looking into the sky hoping to see something. well this night was all the same, except when i saw a bright light and this was brighter than a normal star with no blinking lights and it seemed very big, but couldn’t really compare it to any object. it was far enough to not be able to see a shape, but it was just a bright light moving somewhat slowly across the area. i was waiting for it blink like an airplane, but it never did. it was moving from south to north and it gradually made a 45 degree turn or it look like towards to the east. the light started to dim once it started turning and eventually disappeared once it turned fully. it was not longer visible and no tail lights at all. so it looked like the light was only in the front and nothing on the sides or back of the object. i tried taking out my smart phone and taking a short video, but my phone’s app didn’t load in time. i also was trying to listen for a plane noise of some sort, but didn’t hear anything. totally silent. the whole experience maybe was for a short two minutes if that. shortly after a small airplane maybe 30 sec to 1 min after came into sight from east to west flying at a lower altitude and another plane came into view from southwest to northeast. both airplanes were maybe 10 sec away from each other and at different altitudes. also both airplanes had the trailing sound of a normal aircraft and blinking lights. from there i knew i had to contact you guys. maybe those planes that were in the sky at that time saw the same thing i did. because the object that i saw that eventually disappeared to the east was in the same direction that the plane was moving from east to west. if that makes sense.

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