UFO Sighting in Ottumwa, Iowa on 2016-09-29 20:45:00 – Very bright, fast, low altitude, oblong

I had just arrived home and noticed how amazingly clear the night sky was. as i was starring at the milky way, i noticed a star-like objective moving out of the corner of my eye. at first i thought it was just a satellite, but seemed to be way too low and moving too fast. coincidentally, there was a satellite in the background, and they looked nothing alike. the object i saw looked to be cylindrical or oval in shape; was a very bright, pure white light(at least 10x brighter than the brightest star in the sky); was flying at a very low altitude (lower than any airplane in the sky at the time); was moving very fast, silently; moved in a fairly straight line from west to east; zero cloud coverage or wind so visibility was perfect; an overwhelming feeling of worry and discomfort came over me as it passed overhead; tried to get a picture with my phone but failed miserably, but after pointing my phone in its direction it seemed to vanish from sight (could just be the angle i was watching it from but did seem kinda of weird). i live in the middle of no where in iowa and highly doubt it could have been someone’s drone, for one it seemed to be way too big and second it was moving way too fast (not to mention the extremely bright pure white light emitting from it). i only saw if for approx 45 sec. i really wish i could have captured this event on film or get a picture, but i was not prepared for what i saw.

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