UFO Sighting in Morning View, Kentucky on 2016-09-26 20:20:00 – Military helicopter chasing ball of light

Me and my boyfriend went to the store visalia market then came home approx 8:20pm on 9/26/16. i walked inside tried to let our dog in but he wouldn’t come inside. i told him to let sammy in i was tired went in our room. then he yelled oh my god come out side theres a ufo. i ran out i seen to my right a low flying blacked out had to be military helicopter wit one red light at the bottem chasing a ball of light. they flew low way less than 500ft. i seen them to my right flying closer to the left above the tree line. i seen the ball of light fly under the helicopter the helicopter tilted the front end down as if to get a better look. then the ball of light banked a wide right then it was out of view. the helicopter went the direction it went then it was over. we called a friend who lives a few miles away he said he even heard the helicopter fly over his house.

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